1     Scope 
 2     References 
 3     Definitions  
        3.1     Definition of IP and Frame Relay performance parameters  
 4     Abbreviations   
 5     Conventions     
 6     General model for interconnecting IP routers via Frame Relay       
 7     Layered model of performance for IP services      
 8     Generic IP service performance model     
        8.1     Network components, circuit sections and network sections           
        8.2     Reference path for UNI-to-UNI Quality of Service assessment      
 9     Encapsulation of an IP packet into a Frame Relay frame   
10     Analytical relationship between IP and Frame Relay performance parameters       
       10.1     Loss performance 
       10.2     Delay performance           
       10.3     IP Delay Variation (IPDV) performance    
11     Mapping IP performance to Frame Relay QoS classes    
       11.1     Mapping of FLR to IPLR 
       11.2     Mapping of FRTD to IPTD          
12     Implications for planning IP networks      
Annex A – General transfer delay model    
        A.1     Transfer delay model         
        A.2     Components of delay        
Annex B – Use of the transfer delay model in planning IP networks    
        B.1     Use of the transfer delay model      
        B.2     Design of an IP section to meet the Classes 0 and 2 IPTD objective           
Appendix I – Effect of packet/frame size on the IP transfer delay    
        I.1        Estimate of IP packet transfer delay using the model         
Appendix II – Use of Frame Relay for support of the IP service classes defined in ITU-T Rec.      Y.1541    
       II.1     Simple interconnection of IP routers
       II.2     Calculation of end-to-end delay      
       II.3     Estimation of the IPDV       
       II.4     Estimation of IP Packet Loss ratio (IPLR)  
Appendix III – General network architecture for an IP network    
      III.1     General network architecture for an IP network      
      III.2     IP access network reference model
Appendix IV – Definition of network components, circuit sections and network sections    
       IV.1     Network components       
       IV.2     Circuit sections and network sections        
Appendix V – IP network QoS classes (as per ITU-T Rec. Y.1541)