1     Scope 
       1.1      General  
        1.2     Parameters to be measured
        1.3     Accuracy requirements of measurements    
 2     References 
 3     Definitions  
 4     Abbreviations   
 5     Measurement Methodologies       
        5.1     Use of test traffic to estimate performance parameters        
        5.2     Use of OAM Frames to estimate performance       
 6     Use of FRF.19 OAM Frames to measure the Frame Relay performance parameters         
        6.1     Measurement duration, frequency and sampling rates          
        6.2     OAM frame format
        6.3     Network initialisation and awareness of OAM capabilities within a network
        6.4     Measurement of frame loss in both directions          
 7     Procedures to estimate frame transfer delay          
        7.1     Measurement procedure description           
        7.2     Delay measurement initiation          
        7.3     Transfer delay information frame turnaround           
        7.4     Calculation of frame transfer delay  
        7.5     Delivery of delay results     
        7.6     Error handling        
 8     Procedures for the estimation of frame delay jitter 
 9     Procedures for estimation of frame loss ratio/frame delivered ratio 
        9.1     Procedures for frame delivery ratio measurement    
        9.2     Frame delivery ratio initiation          
        9.3     Frame delivery ratio measurement  
        9.4     Delivery of frame delivery ratio results        
        9.5     FDR error handling
10     Procedures for data delivery ratio measurement   
       10.1     Datadelivery ratio initiation           
       10.2     Data delivery ratio measurement    
       10.3     Delivery of data delivery ratio results         
       10.4     DDR error handling          
11     Frame relay service availability estimation procedures      
Annex A – Measurement architectures applicable to the use of test traffic for the estimation of performance    
        A.1     General considerations and measurement methodologies    
        A.2     Frame relay performance parameters and measurement architectures         
        A.3     Loopbacks           
Annex B – OAM message formats    
        B.1     Basic FR-OAM frame structure    
        B.2     Frame transfer delay information field         
        B.3     Frame transfer delay results information field          
        B.4     Frame delivery ratio sync information field  
        B.5     Frame delivery ratio results information field           
Appendix I – OAM message flows    
        I.1        Use of Hello messages for network discovery       
        I.2        FTD measurement           
        I.3        FDR/DDR measurement  
Appendix II – Example of frame delivery ratio (loss) calculations    
       II.1     Ingress processing  
       II.2     Egress processing