1 Scope
2 References
3 Definitions
4 Abbreviations
5 Conventions
6 General Frame Relay performance reference model
6.1 Frame Relay virtual connection portions and measurement points
7 Method for specifying availability
7.1 General definition of availability
7.2 Availability model
7.3 Definition of available/unavailable state
7.4 Methods for assessing availability
7.5 Availability parameters
8 Availability performance objectives
8.1 Availability Ratio
8.2 Mean Time Between Outages
Annex A Determining availability states by use of performance parameter thresholds
A.1 Frame Relay virtual connection availability
Annex B Use of Frame Relay STATUS Messages or Alarm Indication as availability criteria
Annex C Use of FR OAM non-latching loopback messages for estimation of Frame Relay connection availability when using connectivity as the outage criteria
C.1 Introduction
C.2 The declaration from connection available to connection unavailable
C.3 The declaration from connection unavailable to connection available
C.4 In-service estimation of availability
Annex D Use of FR OAM to monitor Frame Loss Ratio in order to assess availability
Annex E Calculation of Mean Network Availability Ratio based on the measurement of individual Virtual Connection Unavailability
Appendix I Sampling estimation of PVC availability parameters
I.1 A minimal test for PVC service availability
I.2 Procedures for estimating PVC service availability
I.3 Procedures for estimating mean time between PVC service outages