1     Scope
 2     References
 3     Abbreviations
 4     Generic performance model
        4.1     Components of an end-to-end connection
        4.2     Frame transfer reference events
        4.3     Frame transfer outcomes
 5     Frame transfer performance parameters
        5.2     User Information Frame Delay Jitter
        5.3     User information frame loss ratio
                  5.3.1     FLRc
                  5.3.2     FLRe
        5.4     Residual frame error ratio
        5.5     Extra frame rate
        5.6     Frame-based conformant traffic distortion ratio
        5.7     Frame flow related parameters
 6     Permanent virtual circuit (PVC) availability
        6.1     PVC availability function
        6.2     PVC availability parameters
                  6.2.1     Definition of PVC service availability
                  6.2.2     Definition of mean time between PVC service outages
                  6.2.3     Related parameters
Annex A - Conformance test for performance evaluation
        A.1     Motivation
        A.2     Limited standardized use
        A.3     DDB definition
        A.4     Using the DDB in evaluating FCTDR
Annex B-Bit-based accuracy and dependability parameters
        B.1     User information bit loss ratio
        B.2     Residual bit error ratio
Annex C-ome relations between frame-level and ATM-level performance parameters
        C.1     Scope
        C.2     Motivation for relating frame-level and ATM-level and performance parameters
        C.3     Frame relay parameters considered
        C.4     Relation between FR and ATM user information loss parameters
                  C.4.1     Burst-type impairments
                  C.4.2     Single-bit errors
                  C.4.3     Cell losses
                  C.4.4     Misinserted cells
                  C.4.5     Frame-level processing failures
Appendix I - Sampling estimation of PVC availability parameters
        I.1     A minimal test for PVC service availability
        I.2     Procedures for estimating PVC service availability
        I.3     Procedures for estimating mean time between PVC service outages
Appendix II - Congestion notification
       II.1     The effects of FECN, BECN and CLLM on performance
       II.2     Controlling the effects on performance
Appendix III-Performance effects of excessive demand for connection resources
      III.1     Unanticipated simultaneous access line bursting
      III.2     Full utilization of over subscribed access lines
Appendix IV-A method for estimating the FLR: FLR extraction
       IV.1     FLR extraction methodology limitations
       IV.2     FLR extraction methodology