1     Scope
 2     References
 3     Abbreviations
 4     Generic performance model
        4.1     Components of an end-to-end connection
        4.2     Frame transfer reference events
        4.3     Frame transfer outcomes
 5     Frame transfer performance parameters
        5.1     User information frame transfer delay
        5.2     User information frame loss ratio
        5.3     Residual frame error ratio
        5.4     Extra frame rate
        5.5     Frame-based conformant traffic distortion ratio
        5.6     Frame flow related parameters
 6     Permanent virtual circuit (PVC) availability
        6.1     PVC availability function
        6.2     PVC availability parameters
Annex  A – Conformance test for performance evaluation
        A.1     Motivation
        A.2     Limited standardized use
        A.3     DDB Definition
        A.4     Using the DDB in Evaluating FCTDR
Annex  B – Bit-based accuracy and dependability parameters
        B.1     User information bit loss ratio
        B.2     Residual bit error ratio
Appendix  I – Sampling estimation of PVC availability parameters
        I.1     A minimal test for PVC service availability
        I.2     Procedures for estimating PVC service availability
        I.3     Procedures for estimating mean time between PVC service outages
Appendix  II – Congestion notification
       II.1     The effects of FECN, BECN and CLLM on performance
       II.2     Controlling the effects on performance
Appendix  III – Performance Effects of Excessive Demand for Connection Resources
      III.1     Unanticipated Simultaneous Access Line Bursting
      III.2     Full Utilization of Over Subscribed Access Lines