1     Introduction and scope
 2     References
 3     Abbreviations
 4     Access parameters
        4.1     Call set-up error probability
        4.2     Call set-up failure probability
 5     User information transfer parameters
        5.1     Residual error ratio
        5.2     Reset parameters
        5.3     Premature disconnect parameters
 6     Disengagement performance – Call clear failure probability
        6.1     Call clear failure probability definition
        6.2     Values
        6.3     Local clear confirmation
Annex A – Ancilliary information on accurancy and dependability measurement
Annex B – Representative end-to-end accuracy and dependability performance
        B.1     Definition of the example end-to-end connections
        B.2     End-to-end accuracy and dependability performance for the type 1 and type 2 configuration examples
        B.3     Notes on key assumptions, results and implications