The purpose of Recommendation ITU-T X.1255 is to provide an open architecture framework in which identity management information can be discovered. This IdM information will necessarily be represented in different ways and supported by various trust frameworks or other IdM systems using different metadata schemas. This framework will enable, for example, entities operating within the context of one IdM system to have identifiers from other IdM systems accurately resolved. Without the capability for discovering such information, users and organizations (or programs operating on their behalf) are left to determine how best to establish the credibility and authenticity of a suitable identity, whether for a user, a system resource, information or other entities. Based on this information, it is up to the user or organization to determine whether or not to rely on a given trust framework or other IdM system for such purposes. The core components of the framework set forth in this Recommendation include: 1) a digital entity data model, 2) a digital entity interface protocol, 3) one or more identifier/resolution systems and 4) one or more metadata registries. These components form the basis of the open architecture framework.