1     Scope        
 2     References             
 3     Terms and definitions         
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere      
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation          
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms           
 5     Conventions           
 6     General capabilities            
        6.1     User capabilities       
        6.2     Functional capabilities           
        6.3     Security guidelines    
 7     Enhanced user control of digital identity interchange            
        7.1     Introduction 
        7.2     Security threats         
        7.3     Conceptual model for digital identity interchange       
        7.4     Digital contract         
        7.5     Three layers for identity interchange 
 8     Digital identity interchange framework       
        8.1     Design principles      
        8.2     Framework components        
Appendix I – Reference implementation guideline for a framework for user control of digital identity using WS-trust and Information Card technology    
        I.1               Introduction      
        I.2               Background      
        I.3               DIIF capabilities