1     Scope 
 2     References 
 3     Terms and definitions       
        3.1     Public-key and attribute certificate framework definitions    
        3.2     OSI Reference Model security architecture definitions        
        3.3     Guidelines for the use and management of trusted third party services definitions      
        3.4     Service features and operational provisions in IMT-2000 definitions
        3.5     Additional definitions          
 4     Abbreviations   
 5     Categories to which PKI technologies belong       
 6     Models of secure mobile systems based on PKI   
        6.1     General model of secure mobile systems based on PKI      
        6.2     Gateway model of secure mobile systems based on PKI     
 7     PKI operations for mobile end-to-end data communication           
        7.1     PKI operations related to the life cycle of the certificate      
 8     The usage model in telecommunication services    
        8.1     Functions to be realized in the over-the-session-layer usage model  
        8.2     Usage model on the application level          
 9     System configuration examples     
        9.1     Configuration examples of a certificate management system 
        9.2     An example of an authentication model based on the certificate       
10     Considerations of PKI for mobile end-to-end data communication           
       10.1     Considerations of interoperability with an existing system   
       10.2     Considerations for the use of PKI in the mobile environment          
       10.3     Considerations concerning the PKI in general        
Appendix I – Examples of service models    
        I.1          Certificate management service models