1     Scope 
 2     References 
 3     Terms and definitions       
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere    
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation       
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms        
 5     Conventions     
 6     Authorization for the home network          
 7     Authorization entities for the home network          
 8     Authorization models for the home network          
        8.1     Centralized authorization model      
        8.2     Distributed authorization model      
 9     Relationship between authorization entities and home network entities       
10     Authorization modes       
       10.1     Static authorization mode  
       10.2     Dynamic authorization mode         
11     Security threats for authorization in the home network      
12     Authorization requirements for the home network
       12.1     Data confidentiality           
       12.2     Data integrity        
       12.3     Authentication       
       12.4     Availability
       12.5     Consistency          
13     Relationship between security threats and requirements    
Appendix I – Authorization methods     
Appendix II Conceptual policy model for authorization     
Appendix III Service scenario of the dynamic authorization mode     
Appendix IV Use cases of authorization models