1     Scope 
 2     References 
 3     Definitions  
        3.1     OSI reference model security architecture definitions          
        3.2     Mobile security framework definitions        
        3.3     Home network-related definitions   
        3.4     Terms defined in this Recommendation       
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms        
 5     General home network model for security 
 6     Characteristics of the home network         
        6.1     Various transmission mediums can be used for the home network   
        6.2     Home network is a combination of a wireless network and a wired network
        6.3     There are many environments from the security point of view          
        6.4     Remote terminals are carried around by remote users         
        6.5     There are various types of home network devices requiring different levels of security          
 7     Security threats in the home network environment 
        7.1     General security threats from ITU-T Rec. X.1121  
        7.2     Mobile-oriented security threats from ITU-T Rec. X.1121 
        7.3     Security threats from ITU-T Rec. X.805    
        7.4     Relationship of security threats in the home network
 8     Security requirements for home network   
        8.1     Security requirements from ITU-T Recs X.805 and X.1121           
        8.2     Relationship between security requirements and security threats      
 9     Security requirements in the entities and relationships of the home network
10     Security functions for satisfying security requirements in the home network           
       10.1     Security functions from ITU-T Rec. X.1121          
       10.2     Additional security functions          
       10.3     Relationship between a security requirement and a security function
11     Security technologies for home network  
12     Security function requirements for home network 
Annex A – Type of home network device in ITU-T Rec. J.190    
Appendix I – Type of home network devices in UPnP