1     Scope 
 2     References
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Vocabulary definitions within ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 37 [b-SC37SD2V8]  
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation   
 4     Abbreviations 
 5     Conventions    
 6     Prerequisites   
 7     Authentication models    
 8     Security threats for each models
 9     General requirements     
10     General protocol           
       10.1     Requirement of the biometrics handshake protocol         
       10.2     Alert protocol for biometric handshake  
       10.3     Implementation of the extended protocol 
11     Requirements of the biometric transportation stage for each model      
       11.1     Local model        
       11.2     Download model 
       11.3     Attached model   
       11.4     Centre model       
       11.5     Reference management on TTP for local model  
       11.6     Reference management on TTP for centre model
       11.7     Comparison outsourcing by client model
       11.8     Comparison outsourcing by server model           
       11.9     Storage and comparison outsourcing model        
Annex A – ASN.1 definitions for modified TLS extension protocol     
Appendix I – Telebiometrics system mechanism definitions by TLS extension     
        I.1        Extensions for biometric transfer protocol         
        I.2        Biometrics Verify           
        I.3        Biometrics Retry Request           
        I.4        Finished Biometrics       
        I.5        Biometrics TTP Request
        I.6        Biometrics TTP response           
        I.7        Extension alert protocol 
Appendix II – Implementation example of the biometric transfer protocol using BIP     
       II.1     Local model          
       II.2     Download model  
       II.3     Attached model     
       II.4     Centre model        
       II.5     Comparison outsourcing by client model  
       II.6     Reference management on TTP for local model   
       II.7     Reference management on TTP for centre model  
       II.8     Comparison outsourcing by server model 
       II.9     Storage and comparison outsourcing model          
Appendix III – Template registration and updating process for this Recommendation     
      III.1     Registration process         
      III.2     Updating or revocation process    
Appendix IV ASN.1 definitions for the protocol of TSM based on Appendix I     
Appendix V ECN modules for Appendix IV     
        V.1     EDM module       
        V.2     ELM module