1     Scope 
 2     References 
 3     Definitions  
        3.1     This Recommendation uses the following terms defined in ISO 31-0:           
        3.2     This Recommendation defines the following terms:  
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms        
 5     Overview of the telebiometric multimodal model   
 6     The biosphere and the personal privacy sphere     
 7     Modalities of interactions 
 8     Fields of study  
 9     Measurable entities          
        9.1     Units employed in measurements, calculations and threshold specifications  
        9.2     Specification of thresholds for security and safety    
10     Scale hierarchies and particle and wave interactions         
11     The telebiometric multimodal model: a three-layer model  
Appendix I – ISO 31 specification of SI units    
Appendix II – Use of the telebiometric multimodal model    
Appendix III – Theory of organizations and levels    
      III.1     Introduction           
      III.2     Theory of organizations      
      III.3     The Theory of Integrative Levels    
      III.4     Hierarchy Theory   
Appendix IV – Tables illustrating scale hierarchy