Recommendation ITU-T X.1052 describes and recommends the framework of information security management for telecommunications to support Recommendation ITU-T X.1051 and other Recommendations in the ITU-T X.105x-series. The information security management framework (ISMF) is based on a process approach to describe a set of security management areas which gives guidelines to telecommunications to fulfil the control object defined in Recommendation ITU‑T X.1051 and other Recommendations in the ITU-T X.105x-series. The management areas, which include asset management, incident management, risk management and policy management, map the controls defined by Recommendation ITU-T X.1051 to the implementation methodologies. This way ISMF relates Recommendation ITU-T X.1051, which provides management guidelines for telecommunication organizations, to other Recommendations, such as Recommendations ITU-T X.1055 and ITU‑T X.1056, which provide practical methodologies focusing on a specific area of information security management.