1 Scope
2 Abbreviations and definitions
3 General
4 Addressed call and/or answer authorized by the DTE (circuit 108/2)
4.1 Interface procedure
4.2 Interface procedures at the calling data station
4.3 Interface procedures at the answering data station
5 Direct call and/or answer controlled by the DTE (circuit 108/1)
5.1 Interchange circuits involved
5.2 Interface procedure at the calling data station
5.3 Interface procedure at the answering data station
6 Line procedures
6.1 Line procedure at the calling DCE
6.2 Line procedure at the answering DCE
7 Manual calling and answering
8 Use of V.25 ter commands and indications
Annex A Test facilities
A.1 DCE self-test stage
A.2 DCE test with maintenance centre
Annex B SDL Description of the addressed call 108/2 Response Mode
Appendix I General description of the V.25 bis command/indication syntax