ITU-T Rec. V.25 ter Annex A (08/1996) Procedure for DTE-controlled call negotiation
A.1 Introduction
A.2 Additional references and definitions
A.3 Functions
A.4 Definitions and conventions
A.5 Commands
A.5.1 V.8 and V.8 bis operation controls, +A8E
A.5.2 Send V.8 menu signals
A.5.3 Send V.8 bis signal and/or message(s)
A.6 V.8 signal indications
A.6.1 CI signal indication, +A8I
A.6.2 Calling tone indication, +A8C
A.6.3 Answer signal indication, +A8A
A.6.4 V.8 negotiation complete, +A8J
A.6.5 V.8 menu report, +A8M
A.6.6 V.8 bis signal and message reporting
A.7 V.8 origination procedures
A.7.1 Configuration before the Dial command
A.7.2 Operation after dialling is completed
A.7.3 Answering signal detection
A.7.4 V.8 abort
A.7.5 CM signal generation
A.7.6 JM signal detection
A.7.7 Transition to communications
A.8 V.8 Answer procedures
A.8.1 Configuration before the Answer command
A.8.2 Operation after the Answer command
A.8.3 Calling signal detection
A.8.4 JM signal generation
A.8.5 V.8 abort
A.8.6 Transition to communications
A.9 V.8 bis procedures
A.9.1 Initiation
A.9.2 Reception
A.9.3 Transmission
A.9.4 Termination
A.10 Sample sessions
A.10.1 V.8 origination, connect as V.34 transmit and receive data
A.10.2 V.8 answer, preconfigure for facsimile, but adaptively connect as a V.34 data modem
A.10.3 V.8 bis sample session, based on Figure II.4/V.8 bis