1     Introduction and scope
 2     Abbreviations
 3     References
 4     Command references
        4.1     DCE initialization
        4.2     DCE identification
        4.3     Service and network identification
        4.4     Local DTE-DCE port control
        4.5     Call set-up and call progress monitoring
        4.6     Dial command (D) modifier characters
        4.7     Data modem set-up, operation and test
        4.8     Service class 1 facsimile DCE (T.30 protocol in DTE)
        4.9     Service class 2 facsimile DCE (T.30 protocol in DCE)
       4.10     Digital cellular set-up and operation
       4.11     Wireless and analogue cellular set-up and operation
       4.12     Voice DCE set-up and operation
       4.13     DTE controlled call negotiation
       4.14     Control of V.70 and H.324 terminals