Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     Terms and definitions           
 3     Abbreviations          
 4     The JPEG XR image coding system  
 5     General overview of technical design            
        5.1     Basic technology structure       
        5.2     Supported image format types              
        5.3     Decoded image structure and interpretation  
        5.4     Data processing hierarchy and structures          
        5.5     The JPEG XR transform structure and hierarchy             
        5.6     Handling of image and tile boundaries
        5.7     Quantization and lossless representation         
        5.8     Prediction of transform coefficients and coded block patterns
        5.9     Adaptive ordering of coefficient scanning pattern        
       5.10     Entropy coding of transform coefficients         
       5.11     Codestream structure              
 6     JPEG XR design in relation to baseline JPEG and JPEG 2000  
        6.1     General            
        6.2     Image area partitions 
        6.3     Image fidelity refinement        
 7     High dynamic range (HDR) image coding      
        7.1     HDR formats supported in JPEG XR      
        7.2     HDR signal processing design in JPEG XR            
        7.3     Examples of HDR applications for JPEG XR        
 8     JPEG XR profiles and levels 
        8.1     Overview of profiles and levels             
        8.2     Sub-Baseline profile   
        8.3     Baseline profile             
        8.4     Main profile   
        8.5     Advanced profile         
        8.6     Levels               
 9     JPEG XR encoding practices
        9.1     General encoding guidelines  
        9.2     Encoding for random access    
        9.3     Guidelines for tile size selection            
10     The JPEG XR decoding process functionality              
       10.1     JPEG XR decoding process structure  
       10.2     Output colour conversion       
       10.3     Resolution scalability at decoder          
       10.4     Quality scalability at decoder 
       10.5     Spatial random access at decoder       
11     JPEG XR codestream compressed-domain manipulation     
       11.1     General          
       11.2     Flexbits trimming        
       11.3     Flexbits and HP band elimination         
       11.4     Flexbits and HP and LP band elimination          
       11.5     Spatial versus frequency codestream mode switching               
       11.6     Rotation and flip         
       11.7     Compressed-domain region of interest extraction      
       11.8     Switching between interleaved and planar alpha planes           
       11.9     Compressed-domain retiling