1 Scope
2 Normative references
2.1 Identical ITU-T Recommendations | International Standards
2.2 Additional references
3 Definitions, abbreviations, and symbols
3.1 Definitions
3.2 Abbreviations and acronyms
3.3 Symbols
4 General
4.1 JPEG and SPIFF profiles (see ITU-T Rec. T.84 | ISO/IEC 10918-3, F.2.1)
4.1.1 Purpose of a profile
4.1.2 Criteria for acceptance of a profile
4.1.3 Contents of the submission
4.1.4 Normative section
4.2 SPIFF tags (see ITU-T Rec. T.84 | ISO/IEC 10918-3, F.2.2)
4.2.1 Purpose of a SPIFF tag
4.2.2 Criteria
4.2.3 Contents of the submission
4.3 SPIFF colour space (see ITU-T Rec. T.84 | ISO/IEC 10918-3, F.2.1.1)
4.3.1 Purpose of a SPIFF colour space
4.3.2 Criteria
4.3.3 Contents of the submission
4.4 APPn marker (see CCITT Rec. T.81 | ISO/IEC 10918-1, B.2.4.6)
4.4.1 Purpose of an APPn marker
4.4.2 Criteria
4.4.3 Contents of the submission
4.5 SPIFF compression type (see ITU-T Rec. T.84 | ISO/IEC 10918-3, F.2.1)
4.5.1 Purpose of SPIFF compression type registration
4.5.2 Criteria
4.5.3 Contents of the submission
4.6 Registration Authority (see ITU-T Rec. T.84 | ISO/IEC 10918-3, F.
4.6.1 Purpose of Image Registration Authority (REGAUT) IDs
4.6.2 Criteria
4.6.3 Contents of the submission
5 Submission, review, and appeal process
5.1 Submission process
5.2 Review process
5.3 Notification and appeal process
Annex A JPEG marker and SPIFF tag usage tables
Annex B Examples of registered PTSMCR items
B.1 Example of a JPEG profile: NITFS Lossless JPEG Profile
B.1.1 Normative description
B.1.2 Informative description
B.2 Example of SPIFF tag
B.2.1 Normative description
B.2.2 Origin of request
B.2.3 Typical application
B.2.4 Content
B.3 Example of a SPIFF colour space
B.3.1 Origin of request
B.3.2 Typical application
B.4 Example of APPn markers
B.4.1 Example 1
B.4.2 Example 2
B.5 Example of compression type
B.5.1 Normative description
B.5.2 Origin of request
B.5.3 Typical application
B.5.4 Content
B.6 Example of REGAUT application
B.6.1 Normative description
B.6.2 Origin of request
B.6.3 Typical application
B.6.4 Content
Annex C Registered marker information