Recommendation ITU-T T.835 has been developed jointly with ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 29/WG 1 in a collaborative team that is referred to as the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG). It will be published as a technically-aligned twin text by both organizations (ITU-T and ISO/IEC).

This Recommendation | International Standard provides a reference software for Rec. ITU‑T T.832 | ISO/IEC 29199-2 (Information technology JPEG XR image coding system Image coding specification) as an electronic attachment. The reference software is an integral part of this Recommendation | International Standard.

Reference software is useful in aiding users of an image coding standard to establish and test conformance and interoperability, and to educate users and demonstrate the capabilities of the associated standard. For these purposes, the accompanying software is provided as an aid for the study and implementation of Rec. ITU-T T.832 | ISO/IEC 29199-2 technology. The reference software includes both encoder and decoder functionality. The reference decoder software is capable of decoding codestreams (or files) that conform to Rec. ITU‑T T.832 | ISO/IEC 29199-2 in a manner that conforms to the decoding process specified in Rec. ITU‑T T.832 | ISO/IEC 29199-2. The sample encoder software is capable of producing codestreams (or files) that conform to Rec. ITU-T T.832 | ISO/IEC 29199-2.

This Recommendation | International Standard includes a normative electronic attachment containing a reference ANSI C source code.