Recommendation ITU-T T.832 specifies a coded image format, referred to as JPEG XR, which is designed primarily for storage and interchange of continuous-tone photographic content. The main body of the text specifies the syntax and semantics of JPEG XR coded images and the associated decoding process. Annex A specifies a tag-based file storage format for storage and interchange of such coded images. Annex B specifies profiles and levels, which determine conformance requirements for classes of encoders and decoders. Aspects of color imagery representations and color management are discussed in Annex C. The typical expected encoding process is described in Annex D.

Corrigendum 1 to the 2009 edition of Recommendation ITU-T T.832 (approved 12/2009) contained a set of various minor corrections.

Corrigendum 2 contains additional minor corrections approved 05/2011.

The text was developed as a twin text Recommendation corresponding to ISO/IEC 29199-2 in collaboration with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 (JPEG).