Intro. 1     General characteristics                   i
   Intro. 2     Stripes and data ordering               ii
   Intro. 3     Encoder functional blocks              iv
             Intro. 3.1     Resolution reduction and differential layer encoder             v
             Intro. 3.2     Lowest resolution layer encoder                vii
   Intro. 4     Decoder functional blocks             vii
 1     Scope
 2     Normative references
 3     Definitions
 4     Symbols and abbreviations
        4.1     Acronyms
        4.3     Mathematical symbols, operators, and indicators
        4.4     Variables with mnemonic names
 5     Conventions
        5.1     Flow diagram conventions and symbols
        5.2     Template graphics
        5.3     Spatial phase
        5.4     Data structure graphics
 6     Requirements
        6.1     General rules
        6.2     Data organization
        6.3     Resolution reduction
        6.4     Differential-layer typical prediction
        6.5     Lowest-resolution-layer typical prediction
        6.6     Deterministic prediction (DP)
        6.7     Model templates and adaptive templates
        6.8     Arithmetic coding
 7     Test methods and datastream examples
        7.1     Arithmetic coding
        7.2     Parameterized algorithm
        7.3     Datastream examples
Annex A – Suggested minimum support for free parameters
Annex B – Design of the resolution reduction table
        B.1     Filtering
        B.2     Exceptions
Annex C – Adaptive template changes
        C.1     General
        C.2     Differential layers
        C.3     Lowest resolution layer

Annex D – Design of the probability-estimation table
        D.1     Bayesian estimation
        D.2     Multiple contexts
        D.3     MPS/LPS parameterization
        D.4     Rapid tracking
        D.5     Reducing computational burden
Annex E – Patents
        E.1     Introductory remarks
        E.2     List of parents
        E.3     Contact addresses for patent information
Annex F – Bibliography

ISO/IEC 11544 : 1993(E)
CCITT Rec. T.82 (1993 E)