1     Scope 
        1.1     Context  
        1.2     Requirements         
 2     References 
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards          
 3     Definitions  
 4     Abbreviations and symbols          
        4.1     Abbreviations        
        4.2     Symbols 
 5     General description          
        5.1     Codestream           
        5.2     Coding principles   
 6     Encoder requirements      
        6.1     General  
        6.2     Encoder function definition 
        6.3     Implementation      
        6.4     Codestream description     
 7     Optional file format requirements  
Annex A Codestream syntax     
Annex B Image and compressed image data ordering     
Annex C Arithmetic entropy coding     
        C.1     Binary encoding    
        C.2     Description of the arithmetic encoder         
Annex D Coefficient bit modelling     
        D.1     Code-block scan pattern within code-blocks         
        D.2     Coefficient bits and significance     
        D.3     Encoding passes over the bit-planes          
        D.4     Initializing and terminating  
        D.5     Error resilience segmentation symbol         
        D.6     Selective arithmetic coding bypass 
        D.7     Vertically causal context formation 
        D.8     Flow diagram of the code-block coding     
Annex E Quantization     
        E.1     Inverse quantization procedure (Informative)          
        E.2     Scalar coefficient quantization        
Annex F Discrete wavelet transformation of tile-components     
        F.1     Tile-component parameters           
        F.2     Discrete wavelet transformations    
        F.3     Forward transformation     
        F.4     Sub-sampling of components         
        F.5     Visual frequency weighting 
Annex G DC level shifting and multiple component transformations     
        G.1     DC level shifting of tile-components           
        G.2     Forward reversible multiple component transformation (RCT)        
        G.3     Forward irreversible multiple component transformation (ICT)       
        G.4     Chrominance component sub-sampling and the reference grid        
Annex H Coding of images with regions of interest     
        H.1     Description of the Maxshift method           
        H.2     Remarks on region of interest coding         
Annex I JP2 file format syntax