1     Scope 
 2     Normative references     
 3     Terms and definitions     
 4     Symbols and abbreviated terms 
        4.1     Abbreviations      
        4.2     Symbols
 5     JPWL general description          
        5.1     Introduction          
        5.2     JPWL system description 
 6     JPWL normative parts    
 7     JPWL informative parts 
Annex A – Codestream syntax    
        A.1     Definitions of markers and marker segments       
        A.2     Marker code range defined in this Recommendation | International Standard     
        A.3     Marker and marker segment and codestream rules          
        A.4     Information in the marker segments         
        A.5     Construction of the codestream   
        A.6     JPWL marker segments   
Annex B – Header error protection    
        B.1     Introduction         
        B.2     Predefined error‑correction codes          
        B.3     Use of EPB for header protection
Annex C – Error protection capability    
        C.1     Usage of the EPC marker segment           
        C.2     PCRC
        C.3     Data length (DL)  
        C.4     PEPC
        C.5     Identification of tools (ID)           
        C.6     Parameters for tools (PID)
Annex D – Error sensitivity descriptor    
        D.1     Introduction and applications      
        D.2     Marker definition and position in the codestream
        D.3     Codestream subdivision into data units   
        D.4     Sensitivity information    
        D.5     Examples and guidelines 
Annex E Residual errors descriptor    
        E.1     Introduction          
        E.2     Signalling of residual errors        
        E.3     Examples 
Annex F – Guidelines for encoding JPEG 2000 codestreams in the context of error‑prone environments    
        F.1     Introduction          
        F.2     JPEG 2000 Part 1 error‑resilience tools  
        F.3     JPEG 2000 encoder implementation guidelines   
Annex G – Recommended decoder error handling behaviour    
        G.1     Introduction         
        G.2     JPEG 2000 Part 1 decoder recommended behaviour      
        G.3    JPWL decoder implementation guidelines          
Annex H –Error‑resilient entropy coding    
        H.1     Introduction         
        H.2     Syntax   
        H.3     Binary encoding with forbidden symbol  
        H.4     Error‑resilience segmentation symbols   
        H.5     Error detection    
        H.6     Error correction  
Annex I –Unequal error protection    
        I.1     Introduction           
        I.2     Use of error‑sensitivity descriptor as input information to unequal error‑protection systems
        I.3     Use of Error Protection Block (EPB) for unequal error protection           
Annex J –Interoperability with ISO/IEC 15444    
        J.1     Interoperability with ISO/IEC 15444-1    
        J.2     Interoperability with ISO/IEC 15444-3    
        J.3     Interoperability with ISO/IEC 15444-8 (JPSEC) 
Annex K – Registration authority    
        K.1     General introduction        
        K.2     Criteria for eligibility of applicants for registration        
        K.3     Applications for registration       
        K.4     Review and response to applications      
        K.5     Maintenance        
        K.6     Publication of the register
Annex L – Patent statement