Table of Contents

1)     Clause 6.1  
2)     Clause A.3.6.4          
3)     Clause B.1 
4)     Clause C.1.2             
5)     Clause C.3.3             
6)     Equation C-3            
7)     Clause C.4.7             
8)     New clause C.7.5 Sendto       
9)     New clause C.7.6 Abandon   
10)     New clause C.7.7 Barrier    
11)     New clause C.7.8 Timed wait            
12)     New clause C.10.4 Handled              
13)     Clause D.1.2           
14)     Clause D.2.3           
15)     Clause D.2.9           
16)     New clause D.2.26 Handled request (handled)            
17)     Clause G.1              
18)     Clause H.1              
19)     Clause H.2              
20)     New Annex K        
Annex K – Using JPIP with HTTP requests and UDP returns    
        K.1     Introduction   
        K.2     Client requests             
        K.3     Response data delivery and channel establishment           
        K.4     Server responses          
        K.5     Framing of response data into chunks    
        K.6     Client acknowledgement of server responses      
        K.7     UDP and Maximum Response Length Field (informative)              
        K.8     Implementation strategies for acknowledged communication (informative)             
        K.9     Implementation strategies for unacknowledged communication (informative)