1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Definitions
3.1 JPEG 2000 Part 1 definitions
3.2 HTTP definitions
3.3 JPIP definitions
3.4 Symbols
4 Abbreviations
5 Conventions
5.1 ABNF rules
5.2 File format ABNF rules
5.3 Key to graphical descriptions of boxes (informative)
6 General description
6.1 JPIP protocol
6.2 Purpose
7 Conformance
Annex A (normative) The JPP-stream and JPT-stream media types
A.1 Introduction
A.2 Message header structure
A.3 Data-bins
A.4 Conventions for parsing and delivery of JPP-streams and JPT-streams (informative)
A.5 Conventions for JPP-stream or JPT-stream Interoperability (informative)
Annex B (normative) Sessions, channels, cache model and model-sets
B.1 Requests within a session vs stateless requests
B.2 Channels and sessions
B.3 Cache model management
B.4 Interrogation and manipulation of model-sets
Annex C (normative) Client request
C.1 Request syntax
C.2 Target identification fields
C.3 Fields for working with sessions and channels
C.4 View-window request fields
C.5 Metadata request fields
C.6 Data limiting request fields
C.7 Server control request fields
C.8 Cache management request fields
C.9 Upload request parameters
C.10 Client capability and preference request fields
Annex D (normative) Server response signalling
D.1 Reply syntax
D.2 JPIP response headers
D.3 Response data
Annex E (normative) Uploading images to the server
E.1 Introduction
E.2 Upload request
E.3 Server response
E.4 Merging data on the server
Annex F (normative) Using JPIP over HTTP
F.1 Introduction
F.2 Requests
F.3 Session establishment
F.4 Responses
F.5 Additional HTTP features
F.6 HTTP and length request field (informative)
Annex G (normative) Using JPIP with HTTP requests and TCP returns
G.1 Introduction
G.2 Client requests
G.3 Session establishment
G.4 Server responses
G.5 TCP and length request field (informative)
Annex H (informative) Using JPIP with alternate transports
H.1 Introduction
H.2 Reliable requests with unreliable data
H.3 Unreliable requests with unreliable data
H.4 Request and response syntax
H.5 Session establishment
Annex I (normative) Indexing JPEG 2000 files for JPIP
I.1 Introduction (informative)
I.2 Identifying the use of JPIP index boxes in the JPEG 2000 file format compatibility list
I.3 Defined boxes
I.4 Association of codestream indexes with codestreams
I.5 Placement restrictions (informative)
Annex J (normative) Registration of extensions to this Recommendation | International Standard
J.1 Introduction to registration
J.2 Registration elements
J.3 Registration evaluation criteria
J.4 Items which can be extended by registration
J.5 Registration process
J.6 Timeframes for the registration process
Annex K (informative) Application examples
K.1 Introduction
K.2 Use of JPIP with codestreams in other file formats
K.3 Tile-part implementation techniques
K.4 Precinct-based implementation techniques
K.5 JPIP protocol transcripts
K.6 Using JPIP with HTML
Annex L (informative) JPIP ABNF collection
L.1 JPIP Request ABNF
L.2 JPIP Response BNF
Annex M (informative) Patent statements
Annex N (informative) Bibliography