Amendment 1 to Rec. ITU-T T.807 | ISO/IEC 15444-8 specifies JPSEC file format derived from the ISO base file format and modifications to JPEG family file format (including JP2, JPX and JPM) for protection and secure adaptation of scalable pictures, which is possibly encrypted and/or authenticated by the owner. The pictures could be either static pictures or time-sequenced pictures. In particular, the amendment provides functionality to do the following:

To store coded media data corresponding to different scalability levels. Elementary stream (ES) is used for this purpose.

To define tracks describing the characteristics of the coded media data stored in ES. For example, the track should be able to indicate scalability level (resolution, layer, region, etc.) and the rate-distortion hints of the coded media data in order to facilitate easy and secure adaptation.

To define new file format boxes to signal protection tools and parameters applied to coded media data or metadata. The protection tools can be applied to either static JPEG 2000 pictures or time-sequenced JPEG 2000 pictures.

The protection tools defined in this amendment can be applied to JPEG family file formats including JP2, JPX and JPM and ISO-derived file formats such as MJ2 for motion JPEG.