Amendment 4 to Recommendation ITU-T T.800 | ISO/IEC 15444-1 adds guidelines for the usage of JPEG 2000 in the framework of digital cinema applications. Three topics are addressed in these guidelines.

The first is dedicated to reliable multicast transmission of JPEG 2000 codestreams because digital cinema content may be delivered to the theatres by using several communication channels, and many of them can be wireless, such as DVB‑T, DVB-S, and WiMAX.

The second topic is related to implementation guidelines for digital cinema distribution. One of the guidelines provides quantization steps for 2K visually lossless compression based on perceptual thresholds. Also included are visual weightings for digital cinema conditions, which improve the quality of the JPEG 2000 D-Cinema profiles. The third topic gives practical rules for using JPEG 2000 in motion picture archives.

NOTE This amendment was developed as common text in collaboration with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1. For consistency with previous amendment approvals and publication decisions for Recommendation ITU-T T.800 Amd. 3, this amendment went through the AAP process as "Amendment 3" but it is published as Recommendation ITU-T T.800 (2002) Amendment 4 | ISO/IEC 15444-1:2004 Amendment 4.