1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
        2.3     Additional references
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conventions
 6     Overview
        6.1     Constituents of the document structure
        6.2     Document profile attributes
                  6.2.1     Document profile attributes for temporal relationships
                  6.2.2     Document profile attributes for non-linear structures
        6.3     Document sets
 7     Temporal relationships
        7.1     Conceptual principles for temporal relationships
                  7.1.1     Synchronization of presentations
                  7.1.2     Temporal characteristics
        7.2     Attribute definitions for temporal relationships
                  7.2.1     Temporal relations
                  7.2.2     Presentation time
        7.3     Reference model for the layout process with respect to temporal relationships
        7.4     Reference model for the presentation process with respect to temporal relationships
                  7.4.1     Reference model for the temporal order of layout objects
                  7.4.2     Reference model for the processing of the presentation time specifications
        7.5     ASN.1 representations
 8     Non-linear structures
        8.1     Structural model of a hypermedia document
                  8.1.1     Nodes
                  8.1.2     Links
                  8.1.3     Link classes
        8.2     Descriptive representation of a hypermedia document
        8.3     Attribute definitions for links and link classes
                  8.3.1     Link identifier
                  8.3.2     Link class identifier
                  8.3.3     Link class
                  8.3.4     Link roles
                  8.3.5     Other attributes
        8.4     Attributes of the document profile
                  8.4.1     Entry point
                  8.4.2     Links
                  8.4.3     Link classes
                  8.4.4     Enciphered links
                  8.4.5     Pre-sealed document body parts
        8.5     Structural model of a document set
                  8.5.1     Nodes
                  8.5.2     Links
                  8.5.3     Link classes
                  8.5.4     Document set profile
        8.6     Document set profile attributes
                  8.6.1     Entry point
                  8.6.2     Links
                  8.6.3     Link classes
                  8.6.4     Enciphered links
                  8.6.5     Pre-sealed document body parts
                  8.6.6     Document set characteristics
                  8.6.7     Other attributes
                  8.6.8     References to documents
                  8.6.9     Security features
        8.7     Enciphered link part description
        8.8     Reference model for the hypermedia document and document set editing process
        8.9     Reference model for the hypermedia document and document set layout process
       8.10     Reference Model for the hypermedia document and document set presentation process
       8.11     ASN.1 representations
                 8.11.1     Document set descriptor
                 8.11.2     Document set profile descriptor
                 8.11.3     Link descriptors
Annex A – Structuring conventions for "application comments"
Annex B – Usage of the attribute/parameter "application comments" in links
        B.1     Source role
        B.2     Destination Role
        B.3     Single-ended Role
        B.4     Multi-ended Role
        B.5     Automatic Invocation
        B.6     User Invocation
        B.7     Link-Path-Selector
Annex C – Modifications to other common texts of ITU-T Rec. T.410-Series | ISO/IEC 8613
        C.1     Modifications to ITU-T Rec. T.411 | ISO/IEC 8613-1
                  C.1.1     Amendment for the assignment of ASN.1 object identifiers
        C.2     Modifications to ITU-T Rec. T.412 | ISO/IEC 8613-2
                  C.2.1     Amendment of the structural model
                  C.2.2     Amendment of the processing model
                  C.2.3     Amendment of attribute definitions
        C.3     Modifications to ITU-T Rec. T.414 | ISO/IEC 8613-4
                  C.3.1     Document profile attributes for temporal relations
                  C.3.2     Document profile attributes for non-linear structures
        C.4     Modifications to ITU-T Rec. T.415 | ISO/IEC 8613-5
                  C.4.1     Amendment of interchange data elements
                  C.4.2     Amendment of the document profile descriptor
                  C.4.3     Amendment of layout descriptors
                  C.4.4     Amendment of logical descriptors
Annex D – Examples for specifying temporal relationships
Annex E – Compatibility with earlier editions of ITU-T Rec. T.410-Series | ISO/IEC 8613
Annex F – Summary of ASN.1 object identifiers
Annex G – Application class tag assignments