1     Scope
 2     Normative references
        2.1     Identical Recommendations | International Standards
        2.2     Paired Recommendations | International Standards equivalent in technical content
        2.3     Additional references
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Conventions
        5.1     CGM     
        5.2     Individual CGM elements
        5.3     CGM concepts
        5.4     CGM defaults
        5.5     Parameter names
        5.6     Width and height
 6     General principles
        6.1     Content architecture classes
        6.2     Content
        6.3     Presentation attributes
        6.4     Coding of content information
        6.5     Layout and imaging of the content
        6.6     Colour spaces applicable to geometric graphics content architecture
 7     Positioning
        7.1     Introduction
        7.2     Measurement units and directions
        7.3     The relationship between the region of interest and the basic layout object
 8     Definition of geometric graphics presentation attributes
        8.1     Shared presentation attributes
                  8.1.1     Attributes specifying CGM defaults
                  8.1.2     Region of interest specification
                  8.1.3     Picture orientation
        8.2     Logical presentation attributes
                  8.2.1     Picture dimensions
        8.3     Content architecture class attributes
                  8.3.1     Content architecture class
        8.4     Interaction with document architecture attributes
 9     Geometric graphics content portion attributes
        9.1     Common coding attributes
        9.2     Content information
        9.3     Other coding attributes
10     Formal definitions of geometric graphics content architecture dependent data types
       10.1     Introduction
       10.2     Representation of geometric graphics presentation attributes
       10.3     Representation of coding attributes
       10.4     Representation of non-basic features and non-standard defaults
11     Content layout process
       11.1     Introduction
                 11.1.1     Purpose   
                 11.1.2     Available area
                 11.1.3     Presentation attributes
                 11.1.4     Geometric graphics content architecture classes
                 11.1.5     Layout of the content
       11.2     Content layout process for formatted processable content architecture class
12     Content imaging process
       12.1     Introduction
       12.2     Content imaging process for formatted processable form content architecture class
                 12.2.1     Initialization of the imaging process
                 12.2.2     Imaging   
13     Definition of geometric graphics content architecture classes
Annex  A  –  Summary of ASN.1 object identifiers
Annex B  –  Basic differences between character primitives in the geometric graphics and the content of a basic component structured according to the character content architectures defined in ITU-T Rec. T.416 | ISO/IEC 8613-6
Annex  C  –  SGML representation of geometric graphics content-specific attributes for ODL
        C.1     Introduction
        C.2     Names and public identifiers
        C.3     Representation of attribute values
                  C.3.1     Constructed parameters
                  C.3.2     String parameters
                  C.3.3     Keyword parameters
                  C.3.4     Integer parameters
                  C.3.5     Real parameters
                  C.3.6     Aspect source flags (ASF) parameters
        C.4     Presentation attributes
                  C.4.1     Shared presentation attributes (format attribute-directives)
                  C.4.2     Logical presentation attributes (format directives)
        C.5     Coding attributes