Annex D - SIP/SDP Call Establishment Procedures
        D.1     Introduction
        D.2     Communication between gateways
                  D.2.1     Overview
                  D.2.2     Basic call setup
                  D.2.3     Capabilities negotiation
                  D.2.4     Examples of call setup
                  D.2.5     Minimum call setup messages
                  D.2.6     Mapping of call progress signals
                  D.2.7     Usage of the T38maxBitRate in messages
                  D.2.8     DTMF transmission
                  D.2.9     Interoperability
Annex E - H.248 call establishment procedures
        E.1     Introduction
        E.2     Communication between gateways
                  E.2.1     Overview
                  E.2.2     Basic call setup
                  E.2.3     Event and signal indication
                  E.2.4     Capabilities negotiation
                  E.2.5     Examples of call setup
                  E.2.6     Minimum call setup messages
                  E.2.7     Mapping of call progress signals
                  E.2.8     DTMF transmission
                  E.2.9     Interoperability
Appendix II -Examples of call establishment procedures described in Annex B/T.38
       II.1     Sequence examples of call establishment procedures
                 II.1.1     Between Annex B/T.38 gateways
                 II.1.2     Between Annex B/T.38 and Annex D/H.323 gateways
                 II.1.3     Between Annex B/T.38  supporting FAX and Annex D/H.323 gateways that are both registered to the same Gatekeeper
       II.2     Protocol data used in call establishment procedures
                 II.2.1     General
                 II.2.2     Examples of the protocol data