1 General
1.1 Scope
1.2 References
1.3 Terms and definitions
2 Introduction to ISDN user part (ISUP) signalling procedures
2.1 Address signalling
2.2 Basic procedures
2.3 Signalling methods
2.4 Interworking
2.4.1 ISUP interworking
2.4.2 Interworking with other signalling systems or user parts
3 Capabilities supported by the ISDN user part
3.1 Internationally applicable class
3.2 National use class
4 Services assumed from the Message Transfer Part (MTP)
4.1 General
4.2 Description of primitives
4.2.1 Transfer
4.2.2 Pause
4.2.3 Resume
4.2.4 Status
5 End-to-end signalling
5.1 General
5.2 SCCP method of end-to-end signalling
5.3 Pass-along method of end-to-end signalling
6 Future enhancements and compatibility procedure
6.1 Version compatibility
6.2 Additional coding guidelines for compatibility of ISDN User Parts
6.2.1 Messages
6.2.2 Parameters
Appendix I Guidelines for use of instruction indicators
I.1 Introduction
I.2 Priority of execution
I.3 Notification
I.4 Considerations
I.4.1 Discarding unrecognized messages
I.4.2 Essential services
I.4.3 Non-essential services
I.4.4 Broadband/narrow-band interworking
I.4.5 Pass on