1     Scope 
 2     References 
        2.1     Normative References       
        2.2     Informative References      
 3     Abbreviations   
 4     Definitions  
        4.1     Object and call model definitions    
        4.2     Call model 
        4.3     Requests and responses     
        4.4     Definition of signalling flow objects 
 5     BICC network CBC Capability Set         
        5.1     Compatibility rules 
        5.2     Naming conventions           
        5.3     Topology descriptor          
        5.4     Transaction timers  
        5.5     Transport  
        5.6     Encoding
        5.7     Mandatory support of SDP and Annex C/H.248.1 information elements     
        5.8     Required standard packages          
        5.9     BICC Packages    
 6     CBC Procedures 
        6.1     Nomenclature        
        6.2     CBC procedures and encoding      
 7     CBC procedures - Call related    
        7.1     CSM transactions  
        7.2     BIWF Transactions           
 8     CBC procedures - General         
        8.1     General CBC procedure information          
        8.2     CSM transactions  
        8.3     BIWF transactions 
 9     CBC procedures - Outage and recovery 
        9.1     CSF transactions   
        9.2     BIWF Transactions           
10     Formats and codes         
       10.1     Formats and codes - General       
       10.2     Formats and codes - Commands  
       10.3     Formats and codes - Signalling objects     
       10.4     Example protocol encoding           
Annex A – Q.1950 packages    
        A.1     Introduction          
        A.2     References
        A.3     Bearer characteristics package      
        A.4     Bearer network connection cut-through package   
        A.5     Reuse idle package           
        A.6     Generic bearer connection package           
        A.7     Bearer control tunnelling package  
        A.8     Basic call progress tones generator with directionality         
        A.9     Expanded call progress tones generator package   
       A.10     Basic services tones generation package   
       A.11     Expanded services tones generation package        
       A.12     Intrusion Tones Generation Package         
       A.13     Business tones generation package           
Annex B – Call bearer control – Continuity test    
        B.1     Introduction          
        B.2     References
        B.3     Definitions 
        B.4     Abbreviations        
        B.5     Definition of signalling flow objects 
        B.6     Continuity check CBC capability set          
        B.7     CBC procedures – Call related     
        B.8     Formats and codes
Annex C – Call bearer control – BIWF congestion handling    
        C.1     Introduction          
        C.2     References
        C.3     Definitions 
        C.4     Abbreviations       
        C.5     Definition of signalling flow objects
        C.6     BIWF resource congestion handling CBC capability set     
        C.7     CBC procedures – General           
        C.8     Formats and codes           
Annex D – Call bearer control – N ´ 64K    
        D.1     Introduction          
        D.2     References
        D.3     Definitions 
        D.4     Abbreviations       
        D.5     Definition of signalling flow objects
        D.6     N ´ 64K CBC capability set         
        D.7     CBC procedures – Call related     
        D.8     Formats and codes           
Annex E – Call bearer control – Extensions for access networks that support BICC    
        E.1     Introduction           
        E.2     References
        E.3     Definitions 
        E.4     Abbreviations        
        E.5     Definition of signalling flow objects 
        E.6     CBC capability set for access networks that support BICC
        E.7     CBC procedures – Call related      
        E.8     Formats and codes
        E.9     Package Definition 
Annex F – Call bearer control – Emergency call indication    
        F.1     Introduction           
        F.2     References
        F.3     Definitions 
        F.4     Abbreviations        
        F.5     Definition of signalling flow objects 
        F.6     Emergency service capability set    
        F.7     CBC procedures – Call-related     
        F.8     Formats and codes