Recommendation ITU-T Q.1741.8 identifies a release of the IMT-2000 Family Member, "GSM evolved UMTS Core Network". This release of the Family Member is known to the Standards Development Organizations (i.e., ARIB, CCSA, ETSI, ATIS, TTA, TTC) as the "3GPP Release 10". Earlier releases, known as "3GPP Release 99", "3GPP Release 4", "3GPP Release 5", "3GPP Release 6", “3GPP Release 7”, “3GPP Release 8”and “3GPP Release 9”, of this Family Member are specified in Recommendations ITU-T Q.1741.1, Q.1741.2, Q.1741.3, Q.1741.4, Q.1741.5, Q.1741.6 and Q.1741.7, respectively, while other IMT-2000 Family Members are specified in other ITU‑T Recommendations in the Q.174x series.

This Recommendation combines and associates the relevant standards from a number of Standards Development Organizations for the core network for this IMT-2000 Family Member into a global Recommendation.