1     Scope 
 2     References 
 3     Definitions  
        3.1     Terms defined in [ITU‑T Q.1707]  
        3.2     Terms defined in [ITU-T Q.1708]  
        3.3     Terms defined in this Recommendation       
 4     Abbreviations   
 5     Design considerations      
        5.1     Handover and seamless handover  
        5.2     Handover operations         
        5.3     Operations for handover optimization         
        5.4     Host-based and network-based handover control  
 6     Functional reference architecture  
        6.1     Functional entities  
        6.2     Reference points    
 7     Information flows for host-based handover control           
        7.1     Generic host-based handover control         
        7.2     Handover control based on handover tunnel           
 8     Information flows for network-based handover control     
        8.1     Handover control based on LBU operation
        8.2     Handover control based on LBU notification          
 9     Further considerations on handover control          
        9.1     Vertical handover  
        9.2     Inter-CN handover
Appendix I – Practical scenarios for seamless handover using MIH     
        I.1        Seamless real-time services with MIH      
        I.2        MIP-based handover based on MIH        
Appendix II – Advanced issues for handover control     
       II.1     Authentication procedure for fast handover 
       II.2     Policy-based handover control       
       II.3     Fast handover control for multi-interfaced MUE