1     Scope 
 2     Normative references       
 3     Abbreviations and definitions        
        3.1     Abbreviations        
        3.2     Definitions 
 4     Interpreting INMD measurements
        4.1     Single call measurements    
        4.2     Multiple call measurements 
        4.3     Sample size           
 5     Impact of Class C INMD location in the network 
        5.1     Context  
        5.2     INMD location at the outgoing side of the international gateway      
        5.3     INMD location at the incoming side of the international gateway     
        5.4     Comparative impact of both scenarios on the measures recommended in ITU-T                   Rec. P.561    
        5.5     Discussion 
        5.6     Conclusion
 6     Using INMD measurements to predict average customer opinion  
        6.1     Using a model to predict customer opinion 
        6.2     Assumptions          
        6.3     Model    
        6.4     Predictions
        6.5     Diagnostics using an opinion model for INMDs of classes A, B or C           
 7     Using INMD measurements for network planning 
 8     Using INMD measurements to maintain networks 
        8.1     Objectives provided by Recommendations in the G series   
        8.2     Additional thresholding techniques used to direct maintenance         
Annex A – Call Clarity Index model description    
        A.1     Introduction          
        A.2     Model equations   
        A.3     Model output        
        A.4     Weighting values   
        A.5     Assumptions/Data files      
        A.6     Miscellaneous equations    
Annex B – Mapping INMD measurements to the E-model    
        B.1     Algorithms relating INMD measurements to E-model parameters   
Appendix I – Details on the comparison of class C INMD location within the network    
Appendix II – Statistical techniques for use on multiple INMD measurements    
       II.1     Confidence intervals           
       II.2     Hypothesis test for the mean of a set of measurements versus a fixed value  
       II.3     Hypothesis test for the means of two sets of measurements  
Appendix III – Statistical techniques for use on INMD threshold calculations    
      III.1     Introduction           
      III.2     Theoretical approach         
      III.3     Approximation