Table of Contents

 1     Scope            
 2     References   
 3     Definitions   
        3.1     Term defined elsewhere  
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation     
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms  
 5     Introduction to best practices for green data centres          
        5.1     Role of best practices      
        5.2     Value of practices            
 6     Planning, utilization, and management of data centres     
        6.1     Involvement of organizational groups        
        6.2     General policies
        6.3     Resilience level and provisioning  
 7     ICT equipment and services    
        7.1     Selection of new ICT equipment  
        7.2     Selection of new telecom equipment           
        7.3     Deployment of new ICT services 
        7.4     Deployment of new telecom services          
        7.5     Management of existing ICT equipment and services             
        7.6     Data management          
 8     Cooling         
        8.1     Airflow design and management  
        8.2     Cooling management     
        8.3     Temperature and humidity settings             
        8.4     Computer room air conditioners   
        8.5     Re-use of data centre waste heat 
 9     Data centre power equipment 
        9.1     Selection and deployment of power equipment        
        9.2     Management of power equipment               
10     Other data centre equipment  
       10.1     General practices            
11     Data centre building 
       11.1     Building physical layout               
       11.2     Building geographic location        
12     Monitoring 
       12.1     Energy use and environmental measurement          
       12.2     Energy use and environmental collection and logging            
       12.3     Energy use and environmental reporting   
       12.4     ICT reporting   
13     Design of network     
Annex A – Possible methodology for cooling data centres by using  renewable energy in cold regions    
        A.1     Data centres in cold regions          
       A.2      General matters relating to data centre cooling         
       A.3      Outdoor air cooling         
        A.4     Snow and ice cooling      
        A.5     Method of cooling data centres in cold regions         
Annex B – Possible methodology for cooling data centres with high density ICT devices    
        B.1     Outline of air conditioning methods            
        B.2     Selection of cooling systems suited to data centre specifications          
Annex C – Practical solutions for correcting airflow direction for equipment    
        C.1     Requirements for correcting airflow direction for equipment 
Annex D – Minimum data set for controlling data centre equipment for energy saving management in data centres    
Appendix I – Validation test of a data centre cooling method using  renewable energy in a cold region    
       I.1      Background and purpose of the test            
        I.2     Overview of the test         
        I.3     Test results         
        I.4     Prediction of annual energy consumption   
        I.5     Conclusion         
Appendix II – Potential for primary energy savings in TLC/ICT centres through free cooling    
       II.1     Introduction      
       II.2     Probabilistic model for the inlet conditions 
       II.3     Room temperature          
       II.4     Energy analysis
Appendix III – Verification test and feasibility study of energy and space efficient cooling systems for data centres with high density ICT devices     
      III.1     Introduction     
      III.2     Outline of verification and testing               
     III.3      Verification testing and results     
     III.4      Trial calculations of energy conservation benefits in application to a full-scale data centre    
Appendix IV – Experimental studies on plates and ducts installed  at equipment inlets and outlets    
       IV.1     Problem description of practical solutions for correcting airflow direction for equipment    
       IV.2     Examples of practical solutions  
       IV.3     Experimental result        
Appendix V – Rationale for minimum data set for evaluating energy efficiency and for controlling data centre equipment in view of power saving    
        V.1     Introduction     
        V.2     Definitions        
        V.3     Data set necessary for evaluation of energy efficiency in data centres               
        V.4     Data set necessary for coordinated control to save power in data centres          
        V.5     Summary of minimum data set and gap analysis with other standardization works