Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References               
 3     Terms and definitions           
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere        
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation            
        3.3     Abbreviations and acronyms  
 4     Conventions             
 5     Total configuration 
        5.1     Total configuration of the STB
        5.2     Software architecture of the STB          
        5.3     Implementation of broadcasting TV, cable TV and IPTV specifications  
        5.4     Service delivery architecture (informative)      
        5.5     Environmental conditions        
 6     Hardware   
        6.1     Tuner
        6.2     Central processing unit (CPU) resource              
        6.3     GPU   
        6.4     Memory          
        6.5     External interface        
        6.6     Conditional access (CA) module interface         
        6.7     Remote control unit (RCU)      
        6.8     Mechanical specification           
        6.9     Mechanical robustness             
       6.10     Feature of radio frequency (RF) input and (loop out) splitter  
       6.11     Power supply               
 7     Software    
        7.1     External interface        
        7.2     Management
        7.3     Security            
        7.4     Home network             
        7.5     3D viewing      
        7.6     Audience measurement           
        7.7     Software reset              
        7.8     DVR and related function         
        7.9     Basic function of system software        
       7.10     STB setting    
       7.11     Maintenance mode   
 8     Media handling       
        8.1     Decoder (for broadcasting type service)            
        8.2     Transcoder (for broadcasting type service)      
        8.3     Decoder (for an IP interactive service and applications)              
        8.4     3D content identification          
        8.5     Codec (for the function of video phone)           
 9     Application environment    
        9.1     Overall architecture of the application environment    
        9.2     Legacy support             
        9.3     Declarative application environment   
        9.4     Procedural application environment   
        9.5     Transport of applications          
10     Applications for basic functions       
       10.1     Electronic programme guide (EPG)     
       10.2     Recording function    
       10.3     Installation assistance               
Annex A – Detail of audience measurement for hybrid cable STB    
        A.1     Delivery sequence      
Appendix I – Supplemental information on audience measurement messages    
        I.1                   Additional audience measurement items            
        I.2                   The relationship between the audience measurement capability defined in [b‑ITU‑T H.741.1] and the capability of the hybrid cable STB    
        I.3                   Schema example of measurement report           
Appendix II – Required BBF TR-069 profiles    
       II.1     Data model profile and version number             
Appendix III – Extended Java APIs    
      III.1     Overview         
      III.2     Class definitions            
      III.3     API definitions               
      III.4     Detailed setting descriptions for API package  
Appendix IV – DAE API Extensions    
       IV.1     General           
       IV.2     Relation to overall system       
       IV.3     Broadcast Reception 
       IV.4     EPG   
       IV.5     Set Up             
       IV.6     Recording/home network      
Appendix V – Broadcasting standards (Region A)    
        V.1     ETSI/DVB        
        V.2     IEC/CENELEC 
        V.3     CENELEC          
        V.4     ISO/IEC            
Appendix VI – Broadcasting standards (Region B)    
Appendix VII – Broadcasting standards (Region C)    
      VII.1     Broadcasting related specifications for Region C (see clause 5.3)           
      VII.2     Tuner (see clause 6.1)              
      VII.3     External interface (see clause 6.5)      
      VII.4     RCU (see clause 6.7)  
      VII.5     Mechanical specification (see clause 6.8)         
      VII.6     Power supply (see clause 6.11)            
      VII.7     Management by SNMP (see clause 7.2.1)       
      VII.8     STB Firmware Management (see clause 7.2.3)              
      VII.9     Other common requirement (see clause 7.2.5)             
     VII.10     Receiver identification (see clause 7.3.3)        
     VII.11     Illegal usage prevention function (see clause 7.3.4)   
     VII.12     Service and content protection (see clause 7.3.6)       
     VII.13     DVR and relating function (see clause 7.8)     
     VII.14     Decoder for broadcasting type service (clause 8.1)    
     VII.15     3D content identification (see clause 8.4)