Consumer electronics devices are more and more connected every day. This tendency has also reached to the DTV Receivers, Blu-ray players, PVR devices and even game consoles.

Taking advantage of the increasing broadband availability, Consumer Electronics manufacturers are embedding on their products applications able to retrieve content from proprietary services available through the Internet. Additionally, computational capabilities and increasing persistent storage availability in these devices will allow the end users to customize their devices by installing new applications, as it is already occurring with mobile phones, tablets or games consoles.

In the same way, DTV broadcasters are extending their systems in order to use broadband availability to improve their services by adding interactive non-linear and on-demand contents to their traditional offering.

However, most of the current solutions are closed/proprietary and focused on each industry's specific problems.

In alignment with ITU-T J.205, ‘Requirements for an application control framework using integrated broadcast and broadband digital television’, this contribution proposes a study on architecture and implementation for an Application Control Framework for DTV enabled devices. This framework would be responsible for managing and controlling the interactive content and applications available through DTV Services, installed by the end user or embedded by the device manufacturers and providing an unified execution environment for them.