C.1     Scope    
                  C.1.1     General Scope     
                  C.1.2     Background         
        C.2     References
        C.3     Definitions and Abbreviations        
                  C.3.1     Definitions
                  C.3.2    Abbreviations      
                  C.3.3     Conventions         
        C.4     Functional assumptions      
                  C.4.1     Broadband access network          
                  C.4.2     Equipment assumptions    
                  C.4.3     RF channel assumptions   
                  C.4.4     Transmission levels           
                  C.4.5     Frequency inversion         
        C.5     Communication protocols  
                  C.5.1     Protocol stack     
                  C.5.2     The MAC forwarder        
                  C.5.3     Network layer     
                  C.5.4     Above the network layer  
                  C.5.5     Data link layer      
                  C.5.6     Physical layer       
        C.6     Physical layer specification
                  C.6.1     Upstream 
                  C.6.2     Downstream        
        C.7     Downstream transmission convergence sublayer    
                  C.7.1     Introduction         
                  C.7.2     MPEG packet format       
                  C.7.3     MPEG header for Annex C/J.112 data-over-cable           
                  C.7.4     MPEG payload for Annex C/J.112 data-over-cable         
                  C.7.5     Interaction with the MAC sublayer           
                  C.7.6     Interaction with the physical layer 
                  C.7.7     MPEG header synchronization and recovery         
        C.8     Media access control specification 
                  C.8.1     Introduction         
                  C.8.2     MAC frame formats         
                  C.8.3     MAC management messages       
        C.9     Media access control protocol operation   
                  C.9.1     Upstream bandwidth allocation     
                  C.9.2     Support for multiple channels        
                  C.9.3     Timing and synchronization           
                  C.9.4     Upstream transmission and contention resolution   
                  C.9.5     Data link encryption support         
       C.10     Quality of Service & fragmentation           
                  C.10.1     Theory of operation       
                  C.10.2     Upstream service flow scheduling services          
                  C.10.3     Fragmentation    
                  C.10.4     Payload header suppression       
       C.11     Cable modem – CMTS interaction           
                  C.11.1     CMTS initialization         
                  C.11.2     Cable modem initialization          
                  C.11.3     Standard operation        
                  C.11.4     Dynamic service 
                  C.11.5     Fault detection and recovery      
       C.12     Supporting future new cable modem capabilities   
                  C.12.1     Downloading cable modem operating software   
Annex C.A – Well-known addresses    
                  C.A.1     MAC Addresses 
                  C.A.2     MAC service IDs
                  C.A.3     MPEG PID         
Annex C.B – Parameters and constants    
Annex C.C – Common radio frequency interface encodings    
                  C.C.1     Encodings for configuration and MAC-layer messaging    
                  C.C.2     Quality-of-Service-related encodings       
                  C.C.3     Encodings for other interfaces      
                  C.C.4     Confirmation code           
Annex C.D – CM configuration interface specification    
                  C.D.1     CM IP addressing           
                  C.D.2     CM Configuration           
                  C.D.3     Configuration verification 
Annex C.E (Void)    
Annex C.F (Void)    
Annex C.G – Previous/Revised Annex C/J.112 Interoperability    
                  C.G.1     Introduction        
                  C.G.2     General interoperability issues      
                  C.G.3     Hybrid devices    
                  C.G.4    Interoperability and Performance 
Annex C.H (Void)    
Annex C.I – The data-over-cable spanning tree protocol    
                  C.I.1     Background          
                  C.I.2     Public spanning tree          
                  C.I.3     Public spanning tree protocol details          
                  C.I.4     Spanning tree parameters and defaults       
Annex C.J – Error codes and messages    
Annex C.K – Annex C/J.112 Transmission and contention resolution    
                  C.K.1     Introduction        
Annex C.L – IGMP example    
                  C.L.1     Transition events  
Annex C.M – Unsolicited grant services    
                  C.M.1     Unsolicited grant service (UGS)  
                  C.M.2     Unsolicited Grant Service with Activity Detection (UGS-AD)