Recommendation ITU-T H.762 describes the high-level functionalities of the lightweight interactive multimedia environment (LIME) for IPTV. LIME supports functionalities in IPTV terminal devices to provide interactivity and a variety of content such as audio, video, graphics and text. Expected services include additional data such as text to enrich television programmes, and two-way portal pages.

This Recommendation describes the profile called "LIME-HTML" of W3C Recommendation XHTML 1.0, the profile called "LIME-CSS" of cascading style sheets 1 (CSS1), and a part of CSS2, the profile of document object model (DOM) called "LIME-DOM", and a script language called "LIME-Script" that is a subset of ECMAScript but has functional extensions required for IPTV services. It describes the use of IP-based protocols for transport of LIME and IPTV-related services.