Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References
 3     Definitions 
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere          
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation              
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms              
 5     NCL and the Ginga-NCL        
 6     Ginga-NCL harmonization with other IPTV declarative environments  
 7     NCL: XML application declarative language for multimedia presentations         
        7.1     Identifiers for NCL 3.0 module and language profiles     
        7.2     NCL modules 
NCL language profiles for IPTV    
 8     Media objects in NCL presentations 
        8.1     Expected behaviour of basic media players        
        8.2     Expected behaviour of declarative hypermedia players in NCL applications           
        8.3     Expected behaviour of imperative-object players
in NCL applications      
        8.4     Expected behaviour of media players after instructions applied to composite objects       
        8.5     Relation between the presentation-event state machine of a node and the presentation-event state machine of its parent-composite node    
 9     NCL editing commands         
        9.1     Private bases 
        9.2     Command parameters XML schemas    
        9.3     NCL editing commands in Ginga-NCL    
10     Lua imperative objects in NCL presentations
       10.1     Lua language – Functions removed from the Lua library              
       10.2     Execution model         
       10.3     Additional modules    
Annex A – NCL 3.0 module schemas used in the Enhanced DTV profile    
Appendix I – Ginga architecture    
Appendix II – An NCL example