1     Scope        
 2     References             
 3     Definitions
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere      
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation          
 4     Abbreviations         
 5     Conventions           
 6     Introduction           
 7     Services and key features of an IPTV basic model terminal device     
        7.1     Services of an IPTV TD-Basic model   
        7.2     Features of IPTV TD-Basic model        
 8     IPTV terminal device functional architecture            
 9     Functional components of a basic model IPTV terminal device          
        9.1     Terminal transport functions 
        9.2     Content delivery client functions        
        9.3     Media client functions           
        9.4     SCP client functions  
        9.5     Application client functions   
        9.6     Control client functions          
        9.7     Terminal device management            
10     Physical interface 
       10.1     Input interface         
       10.2     Output interface      
Appendix I – Clock synchronization and jitter removal    
        I.1               Overview          
        I.2               Time-stamped TS (TTS) clock reconstruction       
        I.3               IETF RFC 2250-based mechanism (DVB) 
        I.4               IETF RFC 2250-based mechanism (ATIS)