1     Scope        
 2     References             
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms           
 5     Conventions           
 6     Introduction           
 7     Content delivery error recovery architecture           
        7.1     Content delivery error recovery in IPTV architecture  
        7.2     Content delivery error recovery functions       
        7.3     CDER interfaces and protocols           
        7.4     CDER control functional block            
 8     Content delivery error recovery mechanisms for streaming 
        8.1     General        
        8.2     Retransmission         
        8.3     Forward error correction       
        8.4     Hybrid combinations of FEC with retransmissions and feedback            
        8.5     Usage guidelines for retransmission and FEC  
 9     Content delivery error recovery for content download services         
        9.1     General        
        9.2     Retransmission-based mechanism: reliable unicast download with TCP             
        9.3     FEC-based mechanism: reliable multicast file distribution with FLUTE and FEC 
        9.4     Retransmission-based file repair procedures  
Annex A – FEC-based error recovery mechanisms for streaming distribution    
        A.1     Assumptions
        A.2     Forward error correction according to [ETSI TS 102 034]         
        A.3     Recommended FEC for linear TV services       
        A.4     Recommended FEC for content-on-demand services   
Annex B – Retransmission-based error recovery mechanisms for streaming delivery    
Annex C – Content delivery error recovery for content download services    
Appendix I – Evaluation of CDER mechanisms for IPTV services    
        I.1               Introduction      
        I.2               Evaluation criteria for multicast linear TV           
        I.3               Evaluation criteria for content-on-demand services         
        I.4               Evaluation criteria for content download services            
Appendix II – Use cases for content delivery error recovery    
       II.1     Linear TV service       
       II.2     Tightly coupled content-on-demand service     
       II.3     Place-shifting service 
Appendix III – Evaluation results and recommended parameter settings for error recovery mechanisms    
      III.1     FEC according to [ETSI TS 102 034]