Annex R - Robustness methods for H.323 entities    
        R.1     Introduction and scope      
        R.2     Normative references        
        R.3     Definitions 
        R.4     Abbreviations        
        R.5     Overview of the two methods        
                  R.5.1     Method A: State recovery from neighbours           
                  R.5.2     Method B: State recovery from a shared repository          
                  R.5.3     Comparison         
        R.6     Common mechanisms        
                  R.6.1     Detection of TCP based connection lost   
                  R.6.2     Protocol failure handling   
                  R.6.3     Detecting failure – KeepAlive       
                  R.6.4     Transport address and re-established connections 
                  R.6.5     Support for extended status          
        R.7     Method A: State recovery from neighbours
                  R.7.1     Introduction         
                  R.7.2     Scope      
                  R.7.3     The robustness procedure
                  R.7.4     SDL for Method A state machine 
        R.8     Method B: State recovery from a shared repository           
                  R.8.1     Fault-tolerant platform      
                  R.8.2     Fault-tolerant cluster         
                  R.8.3     Call signalling connection re-establishment 
                  R.8.4     H.245 connection re-establishment           
                  R.8.5     Data items shared through shared repository         
                  R.8.6     Checkpoints         
        R.9     Interworking between robustness methods 
       R.10     Procedures for recovery   
       R.11     GenericData usage           
                  R.11.1     GenericData usage in H.225.0 messages 
       R.12     Informative Note 1: Background on robustness methods   
                  R.12.1     Types of robustness methods      
                  R.12.2     Robust entities    
                  R.12.3     Robust system scope      
                  R.12.4     System termination and failures   
       R.13     Informative Note 2: Call state sharing between an entity and its backup peer          
                  R.13.1     Shared-memory 
                  R.13.2     Shared-disk       
                  R.13.3     Message passing