This amendment enables indication of the use of the transfer characteristics of the extended-gamut colour systems of ITU-R Rec. BT.1361 and IEC 61966-2-4 in video bitstreams encoded using ITU-T Rec. H.262 | ISO/IEC 13818-2 (informally known as MPEG-2 Video). It also improves harmonization of colour space support with similar indicators specified in amendments to ITU-T Rec. H.264 | ISO/IEC 14496-10 and ISO/IEC 14496-2 video coding standards, including the addition of support for a "YCgCo" matrix coefficients indicator as previously specified in ITU-T Rec. H.264 | ISO/IEC 14496-10. Furthermore, it improves and updates the editorial format of the parts of the standard that relate to video colour space indicators.