Recommendation ITU-T H.248.72 defines two ITU-T H.248 packages that are intended for media gateways and media gateway controllers designed to support the media-oriented negotiation acceleration (MONA) negotiation procedures from Recommendation ITU-T H.324. More specifically, this Recommendation contains:

The "MONA Preference" package that supports the sending and reception of MONA preference messages as well as the handling of the completion conditions; the detection of legacy conditions allowing for a swift fallback to Recommendation ITU‑T H.245 interworking and the sending and reception of media in preconfigured channels, the so‑called media preconfigured channel (MPC).

The "H.245 Transport for SPC Use" package, that supports the sending and reception of ITU-T H.245 messages using the signalling preconfigured channel (SPC) during a MONA negotiation procedure.