Recommendation ITU-T H.248.52 provides H.248 packages for different quality of service (QoS) support mechanisms. The QoS class package may be used in various areas with relations to QoS, e.g., media gateway level admission control functions. The Differentiated Services package is specifically designed to support QoS marking for IPv4- or IPv6-based H.248 streams/terminations, but limited to the 6-bit DiffServ field within the IP header. The General IP Header QoS Octet package allows QoS marking and modification of the entire 8-bit field, related to QoS protocol control information elements in IPv4 and IPv6 packet headers.

Amendment 1 (03/2009), which is integrated in this edition, defines a new version of the Differentiated Services package, which clarifies the procedures for copying DSCP values from ingress packets to egress ones.