This Recommendation defines a package that allows the media gateway (MG) to report the current state of its resource usage to the media gateway controller (MGC). The MGC can, according to its own capabilities, customize the set of resources reported as well as when the reports are provided. The resources that can be reported may be in the form of general resources and/or individual resources, and can represent either hardware or software resources. Based on the resource usage report received from the MG, the MGC may take corrective action to improve the efficiency of the whole system (e.g., re-route calls, reduce possible message intensive audits, throttle calls, etc.).

In general, the precise definition of the following resources is left to implementation. The resources whose usage may be reported with this package include:

General Resources of the MG. This includes any resource that impacts the operation of the MG. For example, combined resources including memory and processor occupancy could be reported using this resource type.

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) resources. These are resources that provide a variety of functionality for various packetized voice formats, echo cancellation, voice activity detection (VAD), comfort nose generation (CNG), jitter removal, tone generation/detection, etc.

Internet Protocol (IP) resources that transport packets on an IP packet network. For example, this resource could describe the hardware used to provide terminations with the media address type of IP4 or IP6.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) resources that transport packets on an ATM packet network. For example, this resource could describe the hardware used to provide terminations with the media network type of ATM.

Other resources mutually recognized by the MG and MGC. These resources are referred to as extension resources within this Recommendation.

The MGC can customize the reporting of the MG's resource usage. The MGC can enable reporting for only those resources upon which it is capable of taking meaningful action. The MGC can also determine at what threshold level(s) the MG sends reports. The threshold levels are specified as a percentage of the resource used. The number of levels reported is also selectable.

The reporting of different resource shortages will allow the MGC to take different preventive actions.

This revision incorporates a correction to the Extension Resource text identities.