Recommendation ITU-T H.248.19 describes the functionality of a decomposed multipoint control unit, in particular the interface between a media controller and media processor which is based on Recommendation ITU‑T H.248. This Recommendation contains guidelines for the use of a decomposed gateway that may support audio, video and data conferencing. This Recommendation contains packages for floor control, volume control, video windows, audio and video mixing for point-to-point, multi-cast and hybrid conferencing scenarios.

Amendment 1 defines two new packages the Text Overlay Package and the Border and Background Package, which together with the Video Window Package may be used to provide additional conference control capabilities.

Amendment 2 provides enhancements to H.248.19 Amendment 1 for greater floor control of conferences. It enables floor control to be determined on a stream basis through the use of the "Controlled by Chair" property. It enables a media gateway controller to set a floor control policy through the use of the "Floor Control Policy" package and to request to be notified when a change of floor status occurs through the use of the "Floor Status Change Handling" package.